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You Could Totally Beat Courteney Cox In A Game Of Friends Trivia

The actress who played Monica decided to binge the show while at home

How big of a Friends fan are you? Have you seen a few episodes? Every single one, multiple times? Apparently, no matter your level of familiarity with the show, you could definitely take Monica herself (Courteney Cox) in a game of trivia.

During a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live's at-home YouTube show on Wednesday (March 25), Cox divulged that she's been spending much of her time at home recently watching the popular sitcom that she, you know, starred in.

"I decided during this time — people love the show so much — I decided to binge-watch Friends," Cox said of her decision. And you know what? She likes it!

“I just started season 1. It's really good!" So, it's good she enjoys watching something she helped create and all. But as it turns out, her memory of actually being in Friends is quite rusty.

"I don’t even remember even being on the show. I have such a bad memory," Cox said of her time on Friends. "I remember loving obviously everybody there, and having fun, and I remember certain times in my life that I was there. But I don’t remember episodes. I would never pass. I fail every test."

But good ol' "Monica" is resolute to learn as much as she can by the end of our whole social distancing efforts.

"By the end of this quarantine I’m going to know so much more," Cox vowed. Let's remain hopeful that we won't be forced to stay indoors as long as it would take Cox to watch the entire run of Friends...or if she does end up going through it, it doesn't take us the length of ten seasons' worth of viewing time in real time to get past this difficult situation. In the meantime, Cox will be brushing up on all that Friends knowledge.