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100 Gecs And Charli XCX Join Forces For A Deliriously Fun 'Ringtone' Remix

The revamped track also features Rico Nasty and Kero Kero Bonito

Here's a nice jolt of energy for your Monday: 100 gecs — the weirdo pop duo of Laura Les and Dylan Brady — have released a remix of their beloved bop "Ringtone" that features Charli XCX, rap force Rico Nasty, and indie pop group Kero Kero Bonito. In other words, it's one big, ecstatic party.

Charli, a natural fit for the gecs universe, starts the whole thing off with a cute, loved-up verse before tackling the song's original, earworm-inducing hook: "My boy's got his own ringtone / It's the only one I know, it's the only one I know." The rest of the remix features bubbly performances from all parties involved, including KKB crooning in AutoTune and Rico blazing over the track's fuzzy guitars. There's even a cheeky moment when Laura chimes in, asking, "Wait, Charli, can you sing the chorus again, please?" Just call her "Charli GecsCGecs" from here on out.

In typically surreal style, Dylan and Laura paired the new remix with a visualizer that features the two of them wielding stick puppets of their collaborators. Check it out below.

The "Ringtone" remix launches 1000 gecs & The Tree of Clues, the upcoming remix album of the duo's visionary 2019 debut, 1000 gecs. The project took shape as the result of a crowd-sourcing experiment, and includes remixes from friends and fans alike, including A.G. Cook's reworking of "Money Machine" and Injury Reserve's "745 Sticky."

Look out for the remix album coming soon, and check out our recent profile of 100 gecs here.