YouTube/King Princess

King Princess Makes Rock Her Kingdom In 'Ohio'

The long-awaited track arrives with a spectacularly nostalgic video

King Princess has figured out the art of the tease. The artist officially released the retro video for "Ohio" on Wednesday (February 11) after fans have been hearing her perform it since the release of her 2018 EP, Make My Bed. Equal parts soul, blues, funk, and pyrotechnics, King Princess's "Ohio" will melt your smartphone, car speaker, and whatever other listening devices are in the immediate vicinity.

The new video is more of a real-time unraveling of King Princess's psyche onstage. It starts off with the singer in retro garb, wooing the audience in an intimate venue with the tune's warm, emotional opening. "How's it been in Ohio, babe? / Do you think about me / When you're going home?" she sings. The song's about King Princess missing a girlfriend who's moved and left her alone — but instead of wallowing in her misery, King Princess flips a switch, turning this whispering gem into an explosion of sounds, colors, moods, and voices.

Once the song morphs into a guitar shredding contest, the video changes too. King Princess rips off her hair and delivers a rock and roll performance for the ages, complete with rapidly changing camera angles and lights flashing as fast as possible. This fiery show features her laying on the stage, soaking in the sheer chaos of the moment. And just when you think it's over, she jumps back up and the lights kick up the intensity. Guitars are smashed and drum sets are destroyed. There aren't too many words that can describe the genuine beastliness of the moment other than the fact that it's fucking awesome.

"Ohio" is set to appear on the deluxe edition of King Princess's debut studio album, Cheap Queen, that's set to come out on Valentine's Day. Billboard reports that the updated version of the LP will feature unreleased songs like "Best Friend," "Back of a Cab," "All Dressed in White," and more.

Check out the fireball that is "Ohio" up above.