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Why Did KJ Apa Sell Cole Sprouse's Used Under-Eye Masks To Joe Keery?

They weren't cheap, either!

Riverdale fans are devoted, and when it comes to their beloved Jughead (played by the equally as beloved Cole Sprouse), they'll do just about anything. What you may not know, however, is that Stranger Things star Joe Keery might actually be Sprouse's biggest fan. And he just proved it by purchasing the actor's used (yes, used) under-eye masks from another Riverdale favorite, KJ Apa.

It all started when Apa posted a video to his Instagram Stories yesterday (January 29) offering Sprouse fans everywhere the opportunity to purchase his eye de-puffers. "What's going on everyone? I have Cole Sprouse's under-eye suctions, de-puffers... so I'm looking for at least 100, 200 bucks," he said. "If you can, just give me a DM, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can."

For those wondering, no, the under-eye masks have not dried out yet. "Just to give you guys proof that they still work, I'm just going to tack them on," Apa said. And after realizing that the masks still smell like Sprouse, Apa hiked up the price a bit.  "They still smell like him too, which is nice for you guys, and that'll be another 50 bucks for that actually," he said. "So they still work, they're still nice and cold, too."

After a sales pitch like that, how could a diehard fan of the hit CW series resist? Keery sure couldn't, which Apa confirmed himself in an entirely separate Instagram post. "congrats @uncle_jezzy !!" he wrote. "180 for both eye suctioners ! Congrats and enjoy!"

Obviously, this was all one big joke, but that doesn't mean we're not keeping close tabs on the situation. As it turns out, the eye masks may have belonged to Riverdale's Marisol Nichols (a.k.a. Hermione Lodge), who commented on the post asking, "Did you steal those from me?" Whatever the case may be, the de-puffers belong to Keery now. And while the actor hasn't yet commented on his new purchase (likely because he's just so excited about it), we'd be lying if we said we weren't hoping for an update.