Gucci Mane Cosplaying As Santa Claus Might Be The Best Gift Ever

In his new video for 'Jingle Bales,' the rapper makes you wonder if he should be the one delivering gifts

From rags to riches to... Santa Claus?

Gucci Mane's had enough success as one of rap's hottest talents, but he's now trying to take over St. Nick's job. In his new video for "Jingle Bales," Gucci Mane formally applies for Santa's career by showing that he fits his threads nicely and can spread some Christmas cheer to beautiful ol' New York City. The song itself is part of his try-out; he takes a holiday classic and gives it his own unique spin. Give him the job already!

Santa travels around the world every year on Christmas to drop off gifts to good kids, sliding down chimneys and climbing back up them before anyone notices. But when he's not doing that, he's a research analyst, figuring out what kids want, why they want it, and who deserves it. He spends a lot of money making these toys from scratch and employs a full warehouse of elves that he has to pay suitable wages. There's a lot that goes into his job. Who'd want to do this for centuries?

It turns out that Gucci Mane is just the person for the job. In his video for "Jingle Bales," which interpolates "Jingle Bells" (in case you didn't know), Gucci pops up at New York City's SantaCon, wearing Santa's trademark threads with a white mink coat. Who said that Santa can't have swagger?

While he raps his rendition of the song that's a tad darker than the cheery original, he shows what kind of energy he brings to the holiday. People smile and take pictures of him while others shake their butts. He's definitely one jolly old fellow. Hopefully, he gets the gig.

"Jingle Bales" is set to appear on Gucci Mane's forthcoming project, East Atlanta Santa 3. It'll be out on December 20 – just in time for the best holiday of the year.

Watch Gucci Mane's audition to be Santa Claus in "Jingle Bales" up above.