Juggling Act: Juliette Reflects On Filming Siesta Key And Completing College

Introducing the graduate!

When Siesta Key makes waves returns, Juliette will start a fresh chapter with a new love, Robby (who happens to be a frenemy to her ex Alex). Drama to the side, the Queen of SK will be celebrating a large milestone: completing her studies at Florida State University.

Now, Juliette won't juggle college and filming a reality TV show. But how would she describe the experience?

"It was stressful," Juliette told MTV News. "I kind of slacked in school a little bit. I definitely put traveling and doing the show first. I still did my school work and managed to get pretty good grades, but I neglected doing school events. I had to pick one more than the other -- it was impossible for me to dedicate the same amount of time to both."

And that meant making some tough choices.

"I had to drop out of my sorority because I just didn’t have any time," she continued. "I kind of faded away from some of my friends because I was only at school during the week. On top of that, I had a boyfriend, so I was also spending a lot of time with him in Siesta Key."

But she isn't with said beau anymore. How will Juliette adjust to being out of school and fully back home? Do not miss the premiere of Siesta Key on Tuesday, January 7 at 8/7c!