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Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer Teases Big Hair, Bigger Action, And Chris Pine's Return

Gal Gadot and Chris Pine reunite in the anticipated superhero sequel

You can take the girl out of Themyscira, but the first trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 proves that you can't take the Themyscira out of the girl — or, in this case, the Amazonian superhero. A few decades may have passed since Diana saved the world from Ares, but Wonder Woman's still taking care of business, one baddie (and bad 80s fashion trend) at a time.

Wonder Woman 1984 reunites franchise star Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins, and introduces Kristen Wiig into the DC fold as Barbara Minerva, who will eventually transform into one of Diana's most legendary foes: Cheetah. Chris Pine also returns as Diana's lost love Steve Trevor — a real treat for the intellectuals who have Pine at the top of their Chris rankings — whose mysterious reappearance probably has something to do with Maxwell Lord (finally, an unmasked Pedro Pascal).

The trailer doesn't give us a lot in terms of plot, but there's a pretty cool action sequence set at a mall — a popular setting for 80s-centric stories this year (see: Stranger Things 3) — in addition to more lasso action, Steve Trevor in a fanny pack (he's now the fish out of water), what appear to be flashbacks to Themyscira, and Wonder Woman swinging from lightning bolts and rocking a new gold armor suit.

Check out the colorful trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 below:

Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters on June 5, 2020.