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Lizzo Took A Tiny Valentino Bag To The AMAs, And The Internet Lost It

What's in Lizzo's itty-bitty bag?

Lizzo's 100 percent that fashion icon. But you already knew that.

The outrageously stylish star took to the 2019 American Music Awards in a bright orange tiered dress with plenty of frills. She was dressed to the nines, turning heads on the red carpet, but not for all the reasons you might expect. Paired with her gorgeous outfit was a very interesting accessory: a miniature, custom Valentino purse. Yes, you read that right. Valentino, but super small. Like, too little for your puppy to carry around in jest. We're talking raiding Barbie's closet tiny.

Behold, the miniature purse in all its teeny-tiny glory. Perfect for your dolls, right?

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"@maisonvalentinoΒ bag big enough for my fucks to give," Lizzo shared in an Instagram post showing off the diminutive accessory. "Big body bitch in a Valentin-HO custom look forΒ @amasΒ πŸ‘πŸ’¦"

It looks like people actually had several theories on what else it would be perfect for as Lizzo made her red carpet appearance at the AMAs. What, exactly, was Lizzo carrying around in that practically microscopic accessory?

Social media positively lit up with reactions to the meme-worthy bag, which was actually smaller than Lizzo's glittery, blinged-out nails and eye-catching ring. Here are just some of the hilarious things people guessed that the "Truth Hurts" singer may have been carrying around.

The singer herself was ready to spill the beans with other things she could fit in that itsy-bitsy bag for curious fans.

"Oh I've got tampons in here, a flask of tequila, condoms..." she quipped during an interview with PopSugar. Interesting. We've got to learn more about Lizzo's TARDIS-like "bigger on the inside" bag technology. Think of its applications for your next flight! Forget compact carry-ons. Tiny purses are the next big advancement for air travel.

Keep on serving those looks (and killer accessories), Lizzo!