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Tyler, The Creator Heads To The Prom In 'I Think' Video

He practically plays 'Where's Waldo?' while he searches for someone

Tyler, the Creator is absolutely livid in the video for "I Think." He has lost someone that he cares for and would do anything to find him again. The visual ends before we see the outcome, so hopefully the thread gets continued in the next video. But for almost two minutes, viewers get to enjoy Tyler doing what he does best: bringing anarchy to any room he's in.

Tyler kicks things off by exiting out of a crowded bathroom in a hurry, realizing that he lost his companion. We then see who the rapper's looking for who is actually minding his business, walking around what looks to be prom and taking in the sights. Tyler, panicking, begins his detective-like search and practically knocks out people minding their business as he looks plays a game of Where's Waldo? Eventually, he gives up and goes to take pictures, down in the dumps. Suddenly, the man that he was looking for comes and taps the rapper on the shoulder. Tyler looks up and the screen cuts to black.

"I Think" appears on Tyler's latest studio album, Igor, that dropped in May. He's also shared the video for "Earfquake" from the LP that features his performing awkwardly and then playing a firefighter who has to clean up the burned down stage.

Watch Tyler's anxiety-inducing and frantic search in "I Think" up above.