Floribama Season 3: Who Were The Roommates Most Nervous To Live With Again?

The MTV crew is moving in together -- this time, in St. Pete -- on November 14

The Floribama family is about to be residing in the same PCB St. Pete house. And even though Aimee, Candace, Codi, Gus, Jeremiah, Kirk, Kortni and Nilsa have shared beds a living space before, there's always an unknown entering a brand-new season. So who were they most nervous to share a home with again?

"Definitely Nilsa because I had a girlfriend coming in to the house, and she was not happy with me moving back in with a girl who I had history with," Gus revealed to MTV News. Makes sense because Gilsa.

But Aimee also named Nilsa -- for obviously different reasons than above.

"I know she was going through a really hard time with losing her best friend," Aimee explained. "I could not imagine that happening, and I knew she was not in a good head space."

Nilsa's reply?

"Jeremiah is probably one of the hardest people to get along with because he's so set in his ways and close-minded," she explained. "I'm such a free spirit and I can adapt to anything, so people who are opposite of that -- it's hard to get along with those types."

And BFFs Codi and Kirk were on the same page with their Kortni select.

"You just never know what Kortni you're going to get," Codi stated. "You kind of have to walk around on eggshells sometimes; you have to feel her out first to see whether she is in a good mood and wants to party or if you need to let her be a hermit crab."

To see how the gang all gets along (or not), do not miss the brand-new MTV Floribama Shore season, premiering on November 14 (one week from today!) at 8/7c!