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Pusha T Gives You A Succession Primer In New Version Of Show's Theme

With a chorus made up of buzz words that distill the show's themes

It only makes sense that if anyone were to remix Succession's instantly memorable theme song, it would be Pusha T who's been a huge fan of the show. He's collaborated with composer Nicholas Britell for a bold remix of "Puppets" that'll work great for the show about human vultures, business, and deception. Just make sure you put your pinky up before turning this one on.

The Succession theme has always been ripe for a rapper to carve up its slow-moving percussive backbone and tinkling piano and, finally, Pusha T has stepped up to the plate. The original song has no words, leaving the show's intro credits to hint at the villainous ideas that the show portrays. Pusha's rendition is practically a primer for Succession, with the chorus itself literally made up of buzz words that define the show's themes: "Family, fortune, envy, jealousy / Privilege, passed on legacy / Secret, sabotage, borderline felony / Suicide, subtract, selfish, pedigree."

Pusha T's one verse in the song is all about the deception and betrayal that comprise the show. "When your family ain't your family, and your legacy is just a name there," he raps. If all of the characters were in a room together with this playing, there would be a lot of side-eyes going around.

Listen to Pusha T's "Puppets" up above.