Mustard And Roddy Ricch Show Kids What It's Like To Be Rich In 'Ballin''

It's all about inspiring a couple of kids

Mustard and Roddy Ricch are happier than they've ever been in the luxurious video for "Ballin'," a song from Mustard's third studio album, Perfect 10. In it, the producer and rapper duo celebrate a life of riches while smiling as if they took a cookie from the jar without their parents knowing (and it was absolutely delicious). They're fortunate to be where they are in life and they know it, so they give a couple of kids a glimpse to let them know that they can have it, too. That is, if they grind like there's no tomorrow. We're not crying — there's just a plate of onions somewhere nearby.

"Ballin'" begins with two kids lying on the ground of a small house, playing with toys and listening to music. They're bored, but hip-hop is keeping them happy. They want more. Behind them, the TV is playing a video, and it shows Mustard and Ricch zooming down an empty freeway at speeds that would probably get them citations for reckless driving. The tune that sounds best for pouring up drinks after work gets playing and as the beat bounces and shakes, Ricch practically bellows just how awesome it is to have money. While he sings, the rappers' activities are juxtaposed with what the kids are doing. When Mustard and Ricch play cards for chips at a high-class casino, the kids use some cheap cards and gamble Monopoly money. While the producer and rapper have a blast in their foreign car, the boys race using miniature versions from the local toy store.

At the end of the video, Mustard and Ricch pull up in the boys' neighborhood and show off their expensive car. Inevitably, their mouths drop to the ground and they're lost for words. While they ponder what they have to do to get a vehicle that awesome, Mustard and Roddy pull off, leaving the boys to fantasize about the day that they can buy something that cool. We're left to believe that this is the spark that pushes the boys to excellence.

Mustard dropped Perfect 10 in June. The LP also contains the previously released single "Pure Water"  that features Migos.

Watch Mustard and Ricch have a good ol' expensive time in "Ballin'" up above.