This Ghosted Victim Wants To Find The Woman She Considered Her Sister

Whitney finally wants answers about her 'missing' friend Tahira

Whitney and Tahira met in college, and a close friendship blossomed (tailgating included). But then, the latter suddenly stopped answering her pal's messages and turned into a ghost -- and Whitney wants to know why.

"She was just really there for me when a lot of people weren't," Whitney reveals in the sneak peek of the upcoming installment of Ghosted: Love Gone Missing. "A good, supportive friend through all of it. She was the sister I never had."

But Whitney proceeds to tell hosts Rachel Lindsay and Travis Mills that everything changed their senior year. What exactly transpired? And how do the hosts reply? Watch the video to see the beginning of this Ghosted story, and be sure to catch the entire installment tonight at 9/8c to see if Whitney gets some answers.