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Sophie Turner Hopes Her Show Will Help 'Those Struggling With Self-Worth'

Sophie takes on another challenging role

Sophie Turner rose to the challenge when it came to playing Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones. Now, in her first TV role after the legendary fantasy drama, she'll be taking on another complex character.

The actress, who we typically see living her best life with husband Joe Jonas, apparently has a penchant for playing the tougher characters, tapping into a different place within her personality to bring them to life. She's now bringing her talents to a series on Quibi, an upcoming streaming service targeting younger viewers.

It's called Survive, and Sophie will be playing a character named Jane, who will be forced to fight for her life against the elements alongside Paul (Corey Hawkins) following a deadly plane crash. Jane and Paul are the only survivors as the plane goes down on a snowy mountain in this adaptation of Alex Morel's 2012 novel of the same name. But before the disaster occurred, Jane had been contemplating suicide, which complicates matters even more. She'll have to come to grips with the situation and her willingness to live if she's going to make it out of these unfortunate circumstances.

Sophie hopes that playing this role will end up acting as a sort of beacon for viewers who may be in need of emotional support.

"I couldn't be more honored to portray the role of Jane in Survive for Quibi," she said. "[Jane]'s a complex character fighting against the odds to not only save her life, but to also find her own source of strength and courage. I only hope this can impact anyone struggling with self-worth to understand they are braver than they know and to seek the support they need."

Survive only recently entered production, and it's set to launch on Quibi. The streaming service itself is dated for release on April 6, 2020, though there's no word on when to expect the series just yet. Luckily, if you're curious, you can pick up the novel and prep for the adaptation. That way you'll at least have some idea of what to expect.