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Millie Bobby Brown Appears To Scrub And Moisturize Her Face With Literally Nothing

What's going on here, Millie?

Millie Bobby Brown is promoting her upcoming skincare brand Florence by Mills, which is meant to be an affordable option that's clean and safe for younger users.

It sounds pretty awesome, with vegan skincare items called Zero Chill Face Mist, Swimming Under the Eye Gel pads, and Like a Light Skin Tint. And with how affordable it is, it seems like a real, viable option for younger buyers getting interested in skincare to jump on.

So what's up with this video of Millie allegedly pretending to demonstrate her nightly skincare routine with a facial scrub and moisturizer from her line without really using anything at all?

We aren't going to pass judgment, but we have several questions. First, why is Millie still wearing a full face of makeup after cleansing her face? Why does the bottle she uses as one of her final steps totally collapse after she "squeezes product out" as if it were already empty? Why can't we see any of the products in her hands? Things that make you go hmm. Watch it all go down in the clip, and see what conclusions you come to.

As expected, fans are utterly in the dark about whether Millie here is really pretending to use her own skincare line or not. So what did they do? They roasted her mercilessly, of course.

As previously stated, we aren't going to try and draw any conclusions from the video, but we certainly know what face scrub looks like and we definitely know what moisturizer looks like. Millie, is there something you want to share with us?

We're going to flock to your skincare line either way, but...maybe in the next video consider taking off your makeup as you run through your nighttime skincare routine. That's just a suggestion! Nothing but a suggestion.