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The Weeknd Has A Mustache Now, And He Looks Totally Different

He's still a starboy

Is this The Weeknd or someone else entirely? We'll let you decide.

Kidding of course, but it certainly seems like this isn't the same artist that rocketed to fame with "Starboy," because he looks totally different. The Weeknd ceded out to the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival while attending the Uncut Gems premiere on Monday night, which heralds his feature film debut.

However, he looked far different than we've ever seen him before, rocking a mustache, a bit of scruff, and a totally different hairstyle. We're used to seeing a specific hairstyle and type of facial hair from the artist, but we're loving his fresh look and new style, especially the crisp navy suit he wore that just accentuated it. It was a stark departure from how we're all used to seeing him, as he was very much without his distinctive hairstyle that everyone has come to associate with him.

It's been a little over a month since the Grammy winner split from Bella Hadid once again, which came about because of "distance," according to a source for E! News. From the look of Mr. Tesfaye's new makeover, it appears he might be ready for a fresh start and looking for someone else to spend his life with.

The couple ended up getting back together earlier in June 2018, after breaking up about two years before that. According to the same source, it looks like they might even still get back together in the future.

"They hope to get back together at one point but for now are focusing on themselves and their projects," the insider said.

Whatever the case may be between The Weeknd and Bella, we're certainly open to whatever looks he has up his sleeve going forward, especially if they end up looking as clean and coordinated as this one.