Noam Galai/Getty Images

Big Sean And A$AP Ferg Batted Bars Back And Forth In A Tornado Of Energy

The rappers brought the energy of the Hulk at his angriest at the 2019 VMAs

AHHH!! That’s the best way to describe the wide-eyed craziness of Big Sean and A$AP Ferg’s joint performance of their new collaboration “Bezerk” at the 2019 VMAs. Like shaking up a Mountain Dew and prying off the bottle cap, the pair exploded across the stage with charged electric limbs and hilarious dance moves, bringing organized chaos to the stage.

It was like the Hulk himself crashed through the roof of the Prudential Center when “Bezerk” began, because the scene morphed into one that could barely be contained. Sean and Ferg danced around each other like battling Beyblades, ready to fling each other off of the stage. As they went back and forth, their dancers, clad in white jumpsuits and black do-rags, were getting airbrushed letters on their backs. Once finished, the pair lead the dancers from the smaller of two stages to a larger one where they could really let loose.

The dancers flung around each other like bats out of Hell, and the sight of Big Sean and A$AP Ferg milly-rocking fast enough to start miniature tornadoes could make anyone do a cartwheel of excitement. They ended at the perfect time to allow themselves and their dancers to breathe after the intense show — and the viewers at home who hadn’t realized that they had been holding their breath the entire time.

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