Bibi Bourelly Drives Through Herself And Grows Flowers On Her Hoodie In 'Wet'

Her intense glare is the star of this show

Bibi Bourelly has moved on from balling, balling, balling and being so motherfucking awesome, and now she's hungrily declaring what she wants and pushing herself to go get it. It's all on "Wet," her new mid-tempo, edgy pop release. She wishes that it rained money so she could dance in it and buy a new car. She angrily declares that she wants not a million dollars, but a zillion. In her new video for the declarative record, she showers us with a creepy black-and-white filtered video featuring a birthday cake and a ton of money — and if that doesn't sound weird, it's the way that she presents this and more. But it's addictive.

Bourelly's new video is dominated by her majestic and intense glare. It's a death stare, daring you to stand in her way. You'll get used to that intense expression, but you never grow used to the video's creative use of CGI. From a body made up of street signs to blossoming flowers growing out of her hood, the singer brings a fresh edge that accentuates the free-flowing nature of the song itself. It's a video that's hard to accurately describe in words. But after watching it, you'll feel intrigued.

"Wet" is set to appear on Bourelly's forthcoming debut studio album. She released an EP, Boy (In Studio), in 2017, following the Free the Real (Pt. 1) and Free the Real (Pt. 2) EPs in 2016.

Watch Bourelly's video for "Wet" up above.