KJ Apa Loses His Faith And Finds It Again In I Still Believe Trailer

The Riverdale actor joins Britt Robertson to tell an epic love story

Grab the tissues! The trailer for I Still Believe — a Christian romance film starring KJ Apa and Britt Robertson — is officially here, and the roughly two-minute-long preview will most definitely get you misty-eyed.

Lionsgate dropped the film's trailer today (August 22), which shows the Riverdale star as real-life Christian musician Jeremy Camp. It centers on the musician's relationship with Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp, played by Robertson, and her battle with ovarian cancer — a battle that continuously tests the couple's faith and resilience.

"I want to introduce you guys to someone special tonight. This is my fiancée, Melissa," Apa's character, Jeremy, announced to the crowd at his concert. "... Earlier this year, we had some tough news. Some really tough news. Can we do something special for the most special person in my life tonight? Can we pray for her?" But despite the prayers, there are several moments where Jeremy's faith gets visibly shaken.

Between the romantic moments of getting down on one knee at church and exchanging vows in a beautiful beachside ceremony, Jeremy has trouble coping with the reality that the love of his life may not survive. "All I have are questions," he said. "What am I supposed to do with that?" But even through the unknowns, he never wavered on his decision to marry and stand by her side every step of the way.

Overall, the film will probably have whole theaters of people in tears. But even with all the challenges Jeremy and Melissa must face, this isn't a story that ends only with pain. Instead, it's about turning pain into something that can help others. As Melissa said: "I keep thinking, if one person's life is changed by what I go through, it will all be worth it."

The movie also stars country star Shania Twain, Manifest's Melissa Roxburgh, and CSI's Gary Sinise. Apa will also be doing all his own singing in the film, so if you're not in it for the romance, perhaps that will entice you.

Watch the trailer above and see I Still Believe in theaters March 20, 2020.