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Lizzo Twerks, Missy Elliott Lives In A Car, And Dancers Float In Impossible 'Tempo' Video

Why is there a car riding around with flaming rims?

In the thick of summer, Lizzo and Missy Elliott's "Tempo" continues to crank the heat up, providing a terrific twerk anthem that sends the body into to sexy, shaking spasms. In the new song's equally sizzling new video, Lizzo takes centerstage, biting her lip and shining her radiant smile — all before Missy shows up, too.

The celebratory, sexual scenery of the new "Tempo" video also comes with enough dancing to make you fall victim to needing that tempo, just like Lizzo and Missy do. There are also cars driving on fireball-filled rims and floating dancers, but more on that later.

"Tempo" takes place under a starless night sky, where the only light comes from a nearby building — Lizzo's Breakfast and Burgers — and the glow of Lizzo's pristine skin. She wears a cowboy hat and is supported by a cast of backup dancers as she throws that thang to and fro, making the case for twerking to be renamed "Lizzoing." She's the main attraction, but the surrounding scene is just as wild.

People bounce off of car hoods, frozen in mid-air like Final Fantasy's Stopga spell has just been cast. No one is visibly disturbed by the seemingly impossible scene of cars riding around with flaming rims, either. And then, in perhaps the craziest moment of the clip, Missy arises from inside the hood of a car for her lively verse without so much as a scratch. It's an immensely chaotic video with an undeniably scorching energy perfect for summer.

"Tempo" comes from Lizzo's recently released studio album Cuz I Love You that dropped in April. The LP also features the title track and her lively single "Juice." In June, she appeared in the video for "Blame It on Your Love" with Charli XCX.

Watch the hot and heavy video for "Tempo" — which also hits mvtU and MTV Live today — up above.