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Shawn Mendes Loved The Tattoo A Fan Suggested So Much, He Actually Got It

Mendes turns a superfan's dreams into reality

Shawn Mendes has a new tattoo, and you'll never guess where the inspiration came from.

After a fan shared a photoshopped image of Mendes with a gorgeous butterfly tattoo on his arm, it actually caught the singer's attention.

Twitter user @nasaruins' image featured monochrome shots of Mendes totally rocking the tattoo on his forearm, which prompted Mendes to reply with a question: "Wait this is awesome, can u DM the drawing??"

That kickstarted a flurry of dreamlike events for the superfan, who actually received a follow-up DM from the singer. He requested an image of the tattoo and inquired as to how she got the tattoo on him for the photoshopped image int he first place. The pair communicated briefly via DM where @nasaruins explained how they had used an app called "Picsart" to take the original sketch, erase everything in the background, and use it as a base to work from when stenciling it on Mendes's body for a photo.

After some brief consideration,Β Mendes decided he loved the design. Originally created by Chilean tattoo artist @macdreaper, the tattoo depicted one half of a butterfly with a traditional wing with the other made of flowers.

Following a whirlwind of events, Mendes's dedicated tattoo artist Livia Tsang took to Instagram with the tattoo now actually on Mendes. He loved it so much, he actually had it tattooed on his arm in the same place the fan had photoshopped it on!

"πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹ For the best @shawnmendes, Based on an edit from a fan, original art by @macdreaper πŸ’›," Tsang captioned her snap of the design, thanking Mendes for "making my work look cool" in a later post.

Of course, with Mendes and Tsang showing off the new ink, the fan who actually worked on the edit was floored, as any one of us would be, sharing snaps of the work in progress on Twitter and having a mini freak-out over this unbelievable moment. Honestly, same, because who wouldn't react in the exact same way?

Looks like dreams really do come true.