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Adam Rippon Didn't Hear Taylor Swift's 'Calm Down' Until The Music Video — And He Was In It

He loves it just as much as you do

If you're still watching Taylor Swift's "You Need To Calm Down" music video on a daily basis, you're not alone. The wide variety of Easter eggs and A-list celebrity cameos keep fans coming back for more. And as delightful as it seems to prance around a colorful trailer park passionately singing lyrics like "shade never made anybody less gay" with some of your all-time favorite people, Adam Rippon can confirm that it was, in fact, a dream come true.

During an interview with ET at VidCon 2019, the Olympian revealed that Swift is just as incredible, kind, and hospitable as anyone would assume she is. "She was such a dream to work with and so nice," he said. "As nice as you think she is, she is just as nice and went above and beyond to make everybody feel like... She's so grateful for everybody to be there and she was just the nicest."

But Taylor's kindness isn't quite as shocking as when Rippon revealed that he actually didn't get to hear the song until the music video was officially released. "When we were all filming the music video, we had no idea what the song was or anything about it," Rippon said. "I never heard it until it was released, and then when I saw the music video... that was the first time I saw it. And I love the music video and I love the song." Don't we all?

While it remains a mystery just how Swift managed to keep the song a secret from everyone including those who were actually in it, we're honestly not surprised. The "ME!" singer has a track record of keeping projects tightly under wraps, but even we have to admit: This is so next level.