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Joe Jonas Explaining The 'No One' Meme To Nick Jonas Is Painfully Relatable

Nick gets a crash course in memedom

Nick Jonas, you sweet summer child. It's okay if you don't understand certain memes. It might be one of the most adorable things we've ever heard about you, though.

It appears Nick doesn't understand one particular subset of internet jokes typically aimed at or written about him and his brothers: the ones referred to as "no one" memes. He's probably not alone, but at least he had his dear brother around during a recent fan-centric video to help him out.

In a fun segment the Jonas Brothers created with Twitter Music called Fan Tweets, the guys read several of the very tweets real fans had written to or about them. They gave commentary on various messages, mostly regarding their comeback, latest album, and other pretty normal stuff. But during the course of the clip after a comment on their book announcement from Twitter user @needycv, Nick Jonas came out with the truth. He doesn't really understand the "no one" memes.

"Oh, this is the thing I never understand,” he said, while reading over the tweet. Typically, these types of memes are referring to actions that no one asked for, but people are doing anyway. It's a very popular meme format that you'll see immediately if you log onto Twitter, especially if you follow several stan accounts. Nick's very helpful sibling Joe was quick to assert that it wasn't just this meme that he didn't understand, but most of them.

"He doesn’t understand memes and he didn’t get this one,” Joe joked. “I explained this to you like 400 times.” Nick still didn't seem to get it, though, as he appeared quite perplexed.

“I just don’t understand why the no one part isn’t an explanation,” he said, apparently bewildered.

At this point, Kevin took it upon himself to jump in.

"It means ‘no one asked for it but this is what we’re doing!’” he cheerfully offered, which seemed to clear things up for Nick.

For some reason, it's actually super relatable and very cute that Nick needed some extra help with figuring out this popular meme format. Sometimes, even as denizens of the internet, even we're not sure what some of them are trying to say. You're not alone, good sir.

But given that you're in a ridiculously popular band, you might want to try and brush up on your meme knowledge a bit more. Luckily, your brothers seem super willing to help you out. Ah, brotherly love. Isn't it grand?