Home Base: What Does The Hills Cast Love Most About Los Angeles?

Brody, Heidi, and more are giving their opinion on the City of Angels

When it comes to The Hills, Los Angeles is an unofficial character of the MTV phenomenon. The obvious: The show is filmed in the City of Angels (with the exception of quick jaunts out of town), and the California town is the backdrop for everyone's relationships. The fights? The tender moments? All unfolding in the one and only La La Land.

So what does the New Beginnings cast like the most about living in the SoCal spot?

"The weather. Come on, can't beat the weather," Brody says in the clip above. Sunshine, can't be beat.

Meanwhile, Heidi loves that El Lay offers "so much that you can do."

"You have the beach, you have the city, you can go to Santa Barbara, you can go to Laguna Beach" Gunner's mama states.

But others have some mixed opinions about Los Angeles. Hear why in the video above, and keep watching The Hills: New Beginnings every Monday at 10/9c.