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Flipp Dinero's Future Lover Is Guarded By A Fatherly Dragon In 'If I Tell You' Video

This wyvern is bald with rimmed glasses and a pencil-thin mustache

Flipp Dinero isn't trying to leave a woman alone in his new video for "If I Tell You." In the song for the video that he released yesterday (June 10), the raspy rapper's all about swooping a girl off her feet like a handsome prince of a fairy-tale kingdom. In the video, directed by Teyana Taylor, he's a modern-day savior for a girl being fiercely guarded by a dragon that doesn't have green scaly skin or horns. This one has a bald head and glasses and has a paternal attachment to her.

Catching the eye of someone across the room, or across a parking lot, is often how a relationship starts. Both parties smile, one introduces themselves to the other, and weeks later, they're walking through the park with their hands interlocked. Flipp Dinero catches the eye of a beautiful woman who smiles and keeps an eye on him.

They happen to eat at the same restaurant and end up at the same rollerskating rink where they finally come together. It turns out to be brief because her guardian dragon comes to her defense – her father with creased eyebrows and clenched fists. The prince loses. But there's always another day to save the princess again. He just has to prepare better next time.

Flipp Dinero released "Feelin Like" late last year as the follow-up to his viral 2018 single "Leave Me Alone." His debut EP, The Guala Way, came out in 2017.

Watch Flipp Dinero chase love and get blocked like Kyle Lowry in Game 5 of the NBA Finals up above.