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Mabel Dares You To Give Her 'Mad Love' In Eye-Popping New Video

She follows up 'Don't Call Me Up' with another bop

After striking gold with her spunky breakthrough hit "Don't Call Me Up," Mabel continues to take charge with "Mad Love."

The new single, which arrived on Friday (June 7), reunites the British pop star with "Don't Call" co-writers Steve Mac and Kamille, but she notably changes her tune this time around. Instead of reveling in her independence, "Mad Love" is all about, well, demanding some good loving.

"Boy, you lookin' like my type / But tell me, can you hit it right?" she asks on the opening lines, before putting it more directly on the inescapable hook: "All night, give me mad love / Yeah, don't let me down." In the accompanying video, she flaunts her chameleonic style, wearing a blunt black bob one minute and wavy pink tresses the next. Get lost in the slick dance sequences below.

"Mad Love" is the latest single off of Mabel's hotly anticipated debut album, High Expectations, arriving on August 2. Judging from what we've heard so far, you can, ahem, expect more sizzling bops from her this summer.