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Kit Harington Is 'Working On Some Personal Issues' At A Wellness Retreat

The actor is taking some time to recover

Now that his watch has ended, Game of Thrones star Kit Harington is taking some time to focus on himself.

According to Cosmopolitan, Harington has checked himself into a "wellness retreat" in an effort to "work on some personal issues," his rep explained in a statement to the publication.

Page Six, who originally reported Harington had checked into a "rehab center," noted that the actor has been at the facility since before the Game of Thrones finale ever aired, dealing with "stress" and "exhaustion." The center reportedly specializes in "psychological coaching, practicing mindful meditation and cognitive behavioral therapy to combat stress and deal with negative emotions."

Harington portrayed fan-favorite character Jon Snow during his eight-season run. After some particularly difficult moments on-screen and off both due to shocking moments that unfolded in the final season of Game of Thrones and fans' reactions to it, it makes perfect sense that he'd be dealing with some particularly intense stress.

Just recently, a clip from the HBO documentary Game of Thrones: The Last Watch revealed Harington in apparent emotional distress as he broke down during the cast's final table read. Now that the documentary has aired, we know a bit more about his reaction from the trailer, and it's clear that this show has been more than an acting gig for him – it's become part of him as well.

The actor has been quite open in the past about dealing with mental health issues, after telling Variety he previously sought out therapy during his rise to fame as Snow.

"It wasn’t a very good time in my life. I felt I had to feel that I was the most fortunate person in the world, when actually, I felt very vulnerable," Harington explained. "I had a shaky time in my life around there, like I think a lot of people do in their 20s. That was a time when I started therapy, and started talking to people. I had felt very unsafe, and I wasn’t talking to anyone. I had to feel very grateful for what I have, but I felt incredibly concerned about whether I could even fucking act."

In an interview with Esquire ahead of the series finale, he described "hyperventilating" during the final moments of filming.

"My final day of shooting, I felt fine...I felt fine...I felt fine... then I went to do my last shots and started hyperventilating a bit," recalled Harington. "Then they called 'wrap' and I just fucking broke down. It was this onslaught of relief and grief about not being able to do this again."

"But the weirdest bit was when we came off set and they started taking the costume off and it felt like being skinned... It felt like they were unceremoniously for the last time ripping off this character."

Hopefully Kit can work out some of the issues he's been dealing with and come out of this feeling recharged, renewed, and more like himself again. We're rooting for him to make a full recovery.