(Josh Brasted/FilmMagic)

Denzel Curry Is Living Fast And Worrying About The Future On 'Speedboat'

'ZUU,' his follow-up to 2018's 'TA1300,' is due out on May 31

Denzel Curry dropped TA1300 10 months ago and now it’s time for a new chapter. Enter ZUU, the new album that’s set to drop on May 31 that he’s just announced. Along with the surprise reveal, Curry also released a new song that previews it. “Speedboat” is a unique celebration of the good life and its accompanying “audiovisual” seems to indicate that there's more trouble that comes with having money than you would expect.

If you’ve ever owned a house cat, you know that they like to walk around and settle on your lap, no matter what you’re doing. If you’re on a laptop, this means that whatever you’re typing will have a jumble of random letters added to it. “Speedboat” sounds like a cat plopped its body on a piano and a beat was built around it. This jumble of notes and its ominous trap drums make it a darkly funny listen. Curry occupies this space and raps about the juxtaposition between a life changed for the better and an existence plagued with fear about making it to see tomorrow. "My dawg didn't make it to 21, so I gotta make it past 24," he rap-sings on the chorus.

The visual itself might not technically be considered a music video. It features a man of luxury under surveillance by what appears to be the cops. Over the course of the video, scenes from Bad Boys II are interspersed, featuring the chaotic evisceration of both cars and architecture. It all forms into a visual that seems to show the destruction and dangers of living lavishly. Is it worth it to have a speedboat if all of life’s dangers are suddenly much more likely?

ZUU will also feature the previously released single “Ricky.” The LP will also feature Rick Ross, Sam Sneak, and more. Curry’s TA1300 follow-up comes quick and it looks like ZUU will take the rapper into a new direction. It’ll be exciting to follow the road.