How Far Is Tattoo Far Sneak Peek: What Do Codi And Kirk Really Think Of Nilsa And Aimee's Ink?

The guys are about to follow in their 'MTV Floribama Shore' cohorts' footsteps

Nilsa and Aimee went tattoo far with Princess Goddess Mermaid- and Nilly the Squid-inspired ink. Now, their fellow MTV Floribama Shore cohorts Cody and Kirk are about to follow in Nilmee's footsteps. This is not "puke and rally time..."

In a sneak peek of the upcoming How Far is Tattoo Far? season premiere, airing tonight, the Southerners are about to create some "random a** tattoos" for each other. But first, they tell hosts Nico Tortorella and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi that the BFFs opted for "basic bitch sh*t."

"They made Floribama Shore look like some p**sy a** bitches, and we ain't that," Codi proclaims in the video above. Adds Kirk: "That's why we're here."

Uh-oh, hope the gals don't get upset and have a fight at Donovan's...

Back to the guys: What do they have in store for each other? And how do Nico and Snooki react to the designs? Watch the clip to see it all unfold -- and do not miss the Floribama Shore guys on How Far is Tattoo Far? tonight at 9/8c.