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It's One Woman Versus Killer Alligators In Crawl

Hurricane season is hunting season

When it rains, it pours. Then killer alligators come.

At least, that's what happens in Crawl, and upcoming horror movie from French horror filmmaker Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes). If you've ever had an irrational fear of a large amount of water or the squeaky reptiles, then you might find yourself scared out of your wits after viewing its latest trailer.

A Category 5 hurricane descends upon Florida, but one woman (Kaya Scodelario) finds herself trapped in a flooding house, presumably after having traveled there to look for her father. When she finds him gravely injured, she's baffled as to what kind of tragedy could have befallen him. He's alive and hanging on, but barely.

Soon, it all becomes clear: the house has become infested with enormous alligators for some reason. And they're hungry. As the rain continues to fall and the hurricane rages on outside, the woman has to figure out how she's going to save her dad and herself.

Multiple attempts at rescuing the woman and her father seem as though they'll happen over the course of the movie, which are only felled by some of the most nefarious gators we may have ever seen in a horror flick.

"I can distract them for you," her father (Barry Pepper) insists at one point in the clip. That's probably not going to end well. There's no distracting ravenous beasts like these gators.

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Where did the gators come from and why are they so dead-set on terrorizing these poor people? Perhaps they're angry at their habitat being taken away somehow, as the movie poster teases. Either way, their killer shenanigans are going to have to come to an end so this poor woman can leave her house and hopefully emerge with her father in tow. It looks like a real nail-biter, that's for sure.

Crawl is slithering into theaters on July 12.