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The Suicide Squad Casts One Of Its Strangest Villains Yet

We smell a rat

James Gunn's reboot of the 2016 DC flick Suicide Squad has enlisted a new villain, and it's a character you never would have expected.

Actress Daniela Melchior has been cast as Ratcatcher, a super villain with the bizarre ability to control armies of rats. She's already a relatively well-known Portuguese actress, but The Suicide Squad will be her first major role. It's unclear if she'll be part of the Squad itself or one of the evildoers they have to face off against, but the role she'll play definitely has an interesting back story.


Ratcatcher is a male character in the DC Comics continuity, originally named Otis Flannegan. He made his debut in Detective Comics #585 back in 1988, with an intriguing back story. Before he lowered himself to villainy, he was a humble pest control expert who specialized in catching rats. When he discovered he could control his swarm of rats with a special whistle, he began dipping into a life of crime with robberies, kidnappings, and assaults peppering his record.

His signature gas mask was part of his costume during his original debut, but ever since appearing in The New 52 DC reboot continuity in 2011, he's switched to a bizarre mask that happens to feature a rat encased in glass on top of his head. It's likely Melchior's version of the character probably won't include this strange detail, but it would admittedly be an interesting costume decision.

This is the first bit of casting news we've seen since it was confirmed that Will Smith's Deadshot had originally been recast with Idris Elba in the role. We later learned that Elba would be taking on a different character in the film, though additional details on who he'll play have yet to be disclosed.

In addition to Elba, it looks like Jai Courtney and Viola Davis are indeed expected to reprise their roles as Captain Boomerang and Amanda Waller, respectively. But with Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn appearing in Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), it's unclear if she'll be making another appearance in the reboot.

There's no release date in the works just yet for The Suicide Squad other than a tentative 2021, but there's a spot of good news for Gunn fans on the horizon: the third Guardians of the Galaxy movie could end up shooting a lot sooner than expected. Either way, it looks like fans will be in for at least a year or two's wait for more movies.