Could Suzi Be DJ Pauly D's Shot At Love?

One thing's for sure: They'd laugh through life together

DJ Pauly D and Vinny first fell in love at the Jersey Shore -- and the former may have just found his leading laughing lady on the Pauly & Vinny Double Shot at Love boardwalk.

During tonight's brand-new Double Shot episode, our favorite buddies took the women to the land of rides, cotton candy and prizes. Pauly beat Vinny at one of their "mini challenges," so he selected Suzi -- and her trademark high-pitched giggle -- for a solo Ferris wheel trip.

"I definitely feel butterflies," she stated before her one-on-one time, adding a chuckle.

The conversation took a bit of a more candid turn (no more carnival talk) when Pauly D talked about his ideal mate.

"I am looking for my teammate. I'm looking for somebody that will complete me, I guess," he admitted, while maybe excluding that he wants a woman with a good roar. Nevertheless, Suzi stated she was searching for the same thing, and that's when Pauly dropped he was feeling a "good vibe." Which led to a warning of a smooch and then this:

"I just made out with Pauly D! AHHH!" she enthusiastically reflected.

Pauly was tight-lipped around Vinny, a visibly jealous Nikki (she had nabbed lip-lock #1 with Pauly), a disappointed fan Holly and the rest of the group post-Suzi adventure, but he did get candid in a solo interview.

"Suzi is an amazing kisser. I'm physically attracted to her and now even more after this kiss," he recounted. "I can see myself with this girl."

Do you agree with Pauly? Are he and Suzi a Double Shot match? They have lovable howls down pat, but how do you think they connect on an emotional level? For her part, Derynn Cat Lady doesn't think Suzi is wifey material, so could Pauly soon see the same? Give us your take, then keep watching A Double Shot at Love on Thursdays at 8/7c!