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Steve Lacy Asks An Adorable Or Slightly Embarrassing Question In Sultry 'N Side'

'Is it inside?'

The Internet's captivating guitarist Steve Lacy has released a sexy and magical new track, "N Side." It's smooth and awash in colors and is the kind of double-meaning tune that's either excessively adorable or intentionally hilarious. Either way, it's a welcome taste of what the musician has to offer ahead of what we hope to be his sophomore album coming out. The world is well due for some more fresh sounds from Lacy.

"N Side" sounds like when the last traces of pink disappear from the sky at dusk and the street lights come on in Los Angeles. It's built around a simple percussive loop and a magical, haunting melody, rich with the kind of '90s finger-snapping soul that makes you close your eyes and just sway to the music. Lacy's nostalgic tune is a steamy ode to both love and sex as the chorus of "Is it inside?" gets stretched and warped into ecstasy. In this musical world, he's an excited lover, ready to guide his partner into a promised land. But if that's the case, the "Is it inside?" refrain becomes hilarious. He asks it repeatedly throughout the song's runtime. He really can't tell if he's inside or not.

Or, there's a chance that there's a more romantic meaning to the three-word spiel. A skit that takes place in the middle of the song has Lacy asking a partner if they feel the same way about him as he does about them. "Is it inside?" in this context is a desperate plea at verification. Do the feelings really exist inside of his lover's heart? Are they sure?

In either meaning, the song still succeeds – masterfully, too. It's a milky blend of sturdy rhythmic genres, a tune that fits into the grand mythos of The Internet as well as stretches it appropriately, because growth and change are inevitable, necessary factors for making it to the next level. The Internet revealed in February that the camp had completed two new albums, following up on April 7 saying that one would come out this month and another would come out in May. While a sophomore LP from Lacy hasn't been confirmed, it is worth noting that his last project, Steve Lacy's Demo, came out in 2017. We're pretty comfortable wagering that one of the two new albums comes courtesy of Lacy.

Lacy recently took a stroll through the Upper West Side of Manhattan with Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig in the video for "Sunflower," directed by actor and director Jonah Hill. The video featured surprise cameo appearances from hip-hop legend Fab 5 Freddy and comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

Listen to the enchanting "N Side" up above.