This Is The Only Way A Parks and Recreation Revival Could Ever Happen

Damn it, Jerry!

Want a Parks and Recreation revival? Just convince its creators and the entire cast that it’s worth a shot.

During the series' 10th anniversary panel at PaleyFest on Thursday night (March 21), castmates Amy Poehler, Chris Pratt, Nick Offerman, Rashida Jones, Aziz Ansari and Aubrey Plaza were among some of the stars to attend, alongside co-creator Michael Schur.

With everyone together, it wasn't long before a question arose for Schur about whether or not fans could ever see the show return. His answer? It wasn't a definitive yes, but it certainly left the door open for the future.

“I think everyone on this stage would want to feel there’s a story to be told,” Schur said. “The show was about the power of public service and doing good with a team. I don’t think we left anything on the table.”

Parks and Recreation had an impressive seven-year run from 2009 to 2015 (125 episodes!) before winding down with a pretty definitive finale. Not only did it wrap up the story lines already in place during the show, but it also took the time to outline the characters’ futures. The series culminated in some pretty surprising outcomes for many of the cast, including a peculiar outing with Leslie and Ben appearing alongside Secret Service agents with no real indication what they went on to do later on in life. But knowing Leslie, we have a pretty good guess.

Schur hasn’t exactly ruled out plans for the future, but he did point out that, in his eyes, the show accomplished everything it needed to during its initial run.

"The show had an argument to make," Schur said. "The argument was about teamwork and friendship and positivity, being optimistic and not getting cynical and believing that people can do good and believing in the power of public service and believing that if you work hard and you put your head down and believe in the people around you who are part of your team, that good things are possible. That you'll achieve the things you want to achieve, and I don't feel like we left anything on the table. I feel like the show sort of made its argument. And we also — maybe this was like a preventative measure or something — we did jump ahead to the year, like, 2074."

Poehler, for the record, is all about getting the cast back together for another go.

"I am so not cool, so from minute one I've been like I'm down,” she said, speaking to The Hollywood Reporter. “Tell me where to go, I'll clear my schedule. I mean, Mike Schur currently produces and writes on, I think, 14 shows, so it'll really be whenever he is 'tech avail,' as we like to say in the biz. But yeah, I'm ready."

Offerman was quick to offer his support as well, noting that he'd be down to return "as long as the brass is behind it."

“I mean, the gifts that that show [has] brought to me I’m still collecting every day, and I don’t imagine I’ll ever feel that I’ve fully repaid them," he said.

So with that said, it definitely seems like there could be hope for a future return to Parks and Rec, but the cast will have to agree on a story line that's worth exploring. That's good news — now someone just needs to provide some great starting points, right? We've got some ideas, Michael! Call us.