Disastrous Duos: These Are The 8 Biggest Partner Implosions In Challenge History

Bear and Da’Vonne are just the latest to have a total meltdown

Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston may have to change their tune: In The Challenge world, it takes two to make the nightmare — not the dream — so real.

On the latest installment of War of the Worlds, which has arranged veteran and newbie players into teams of two, one duo in particular found itself on less-than-solid ground. The day’s game “Tired Out” challenged teams to transport a series of hulking tires across a barren wasteland, and while teams like Cara/Theo and Nany/Turbo took off like bullets, others like Da’Vonne/Bear showed signs of slowing down as the mission got more taxing.

Eventually, Bear showed his claws, lashed out at Da’Vonne, and quit the challenge out of frustration.

“This challenge is so hard over time, especially with the heat and me getting very annoyed -- dangerous cocktail,” he said. And he made the point even clearer with a second breakdown at his unsurprising, subsequent meeting with the Tribunal. Da’Vonne tried to calm him down, but it was no use.

“Bear is the biggest sore loser I’ve ever witnessed,” Ninja Natalie said.

Still, in the scope of the series’ history, he certainly wasn’t the first, and his collapse was just the most recent in a long line of partner disasters. Take a look at the most fiery Challenge implosions below, tell us if there’s a memorable one we missed and be sure to keep tuning in to The Challenge: War of the Worlds.

  1. Jenna and Briana (Bloodlines)

    After a night out, usually composed Real World: Ex-Plosion export Jenna and her cousin got into it over — wait for it — a bakery, and the two nearly came to blows. Their eventual turnaround was all the more remarkable: They made it to the final mission and boasted a commanding lead through the game’s first leg.

  2. Johnny Bananas and Camila (Exes)

    “You cheater! You’re gonna die!” was the battle cry of the series’ most famous Cameltdown. After hearing rumors that her partner Bananas was talking behind her back, Camila did what anyone would do: throw wicker chairs into the ground, issue a series of death threats and walk into the pool like she’d been ushered off a plank.

  3. Ty and Emily (Exes)

    You’d be hard-pressed to find a Challenge moment in which the previous Real World: D.C. lovebirds weren’t at each other’s throats, and being partners on Exes compounded the tension. Things came to a boil when Emily delivered a — shall we say unsavory impression of Ty — and was met with scorn. Ty was so pissed, he threatened to quit the game, but after some serious apologizing from Emily, Team Green got back on the same page and even put up a solid showing in the game’s final mission.

  4. Zach and Amanda (Final Reckoning)

    Both stubborn to a fault, Zach and Amanda are the only teammates in Challenge history who were safe from elimination but nevertheless threw themselves into Armageddon because they couldn’t come up with a nominee they agreed with. The two pretty much had the game in the palm of their hands, but in an instant, it was all over, and they continued to butt heads all the way out the door.

  5. Luke and Evelyn (Fresh Meat 2)

    Though Luke was the last newbie draft pick, he and Evelyn nearly made it to the end of Fresh Meat 2. Still, Evelyn was consistently worried that Luke would let her down, and when it came time to square off against Landon and Carley in Exile, she claimed that he did. After being eliminated, Evelyn bit Luke’s head off -- and made his choice to return to the series on Cutthroat all the more surprising.

  6. Sarah and Trishelle (Rivals II)

    While Trishelle and Sarah didn’t act as volatilely as some of the others on this list, their undercurrent of mutual resentment couldn’t be fixed, and when Trishelle managed to get into a fight with the entire Rivals II house, even Sarah’s strongest calls for diplomacy couldn’t stop her. Before long, Trishelle quit the game, and Sarah was forced out too.

  7. Tony and Camila (Rivals III)

    The catalyst to Tony and Camila's game-ending elimination was insane: After returning from the bar, Camila fell and bumped her knee. Under the impression her housemates were laughing at her, she totally lost her cool — and when Tony woke up in an effort to stop the fighting, he only made it worse. The two got so close to physically assaulting each other that they became liabilities to the house, and were both swiftly booted.

  8. Hunter and Ashley (Final Reckoning)

    Need we say more?