The Challenge's Queen Kam Is Searching For A Brand-New King

Will she find him on 'Game of Clones'?

Challenge competitor Kam is known as Queen Kam, and now she's looking for her very own one king. But not just any royalty will do -- she's appearing on MTV's Game of Clones, and her potential suitors are lookalikes of her celebrity crush.

"Listen, I ain't gonna lie: My gut sucks when it comes to picking out who is right for me," the undisputed power move mastermind declares in the sneak peek above. "Everybody thinks I'm this scary, ruthless, mean person, but I actually have a softer side to me. If I have the right man in my life, he's gonna see a side to me that no one really gets to see."

So is her ideal guy an actor? A singer? A fellow MTV personality? Watch the clip to hear Kam open up about him, and do not miss the beginning of her Game of Clones journey on Thursday at 9/8c!