'Run Me My Money, Bitch': Ex On The Beach's Angela Just Went HAM On Tor'i

The couple is going for Round Two -- but this time, as 'exes'

Angela and Tor'i fell for each other during Season 1 of Ex on the Beach -- and during tonight's brand-new episode, he washed up in Malibu. But this go-around, relations between the two are going to be a complete sh*tshow terrible because they're no longer together. And she's certainly not looking at him like this anymore...

What went so awry? Tor'i claimed Angela was unfaithful to him while filming The Challenge: Final Reckoning, but she assured him that the rumors of her hookups were untrue. However, she still dissed him excessively on social media, and he believed it was because of her "guilty conscience."

"She's a fraud, she's a fake, and she knows what she did," Tor'i stated when they first locked eyes in Malibu.

But Angela was having none of it, exclaiming, "You stole my f*cking money, bitch."

"I would cheat on you ten more times because you a f*cking bum, bitch!" she spat, before saying Tor'i could finally afford a haircut because of her cash and, perhaps best all, proclaiming, "Run me my money, bitch!" Oh, and Cheyenne, Nurys and host Romeo all had to hold her back from attacking him.

More on the back story of the funds portion: Tor'i had access to Angela's Instagram and PayPal while she was in South Africa for Final Reckoning -- and instead of transferring funds into her account (like she had asked him to do), he moved the dough into his.

After Angela had a moment to calm down, she caught her breath and tearfully reflected on what had just unfolded.

"I knew that seeing my ex would be hard, but I didn't think he would come out with that sort of energy," she sobbed, while questioning whether or not she could live with him.

Well, it was for sure the most contentious reunion this season -- and it's only the beginning. Can Angela and Tor'i actually co-exist on the beach? Or will one (or both) of them scream "send me the f*ck home"? Catch next week's Ex on the Beach episode at 8/7c.