'I Was Like, 'Damn!': The Challenge's Kam Reveals Her First Impression Of Theo

Meanwhile, how does the 'Love Island' star compare to her former beau Leroy?

Queen Kam may have found a new Challenge King -- and his name isn't Leroy.

During tonight's War of the Worlds episode, the Are You the One? alum attempted to ease the tension with the Battle of the Exes 2 silver medalist after he made it clear he did not want a romantic relationship with her. Leroy tried to "go back to how it was" when the two first met on Vendettas and confessed he loved her, but Kam was "ready to move on."

And recouple move on she did -- with Theo.

"Cheers to new beginnings," the Love Island star stated to Kam while everyone was out on the town. And kisses too.

When the group got home, Leroy was angry that Kam hashed it out with him and proceeded to make out with the top-performing Prospect in front of his face.

"Why am I getting riled up?" Leroy lamented. "Even though we decided we're not going to be romantically into each other, we were not too long ago. I feel like it's very disrespectful that she decided to flirt with another guy."

And Kam/Leroy didn't get any closure, because Leroy and his partner Shaleen were bested by Bear and Da'Vonne in the Killing Room. Kam wasn't optimistic about her future with Leroy after this season -- and Feeo Theo was looking forward to no longer having "an elephant in the room."

"I'm hearing wedding bells -- we'll see," the Brit joked. Hey, we're due for some Challenge sweethearts to be joined together in holy matrimony...

But back to Kam's blossoming bond with him. Since her early moments with Theo weren't heavily documented, what was her first impressions of the track athlete/exquisite pool jumper?

"When I saw Theo, I was like, 'Damn! Who is that? He is so cute,'" Kam revealed to MTV News. "I thought he was attractive. I did not know who he was before [The Challenge]. When I saw him, I thought he was sent here for me. I was like, 'This is my new perfect match standing right in front of me.' I asked him if he was still looking for love [after Love Island]."

And she also saw shades of Leroy in Theo.

"I think I was so drawn to Theo because he reminded me of Leroy when I first met him, just always laughing all the time," she said. "We have a great connection; we have an attraction to each other. But Leroy does not know what he wants. He's afraid of commitment. I don't think he's ready to change his ways, and here I come thinking maybe I'm the special one and that I'll be able to change him and make him a better person. But no. Sometimes you just have to accept people for the way they are, put up with it or move on with someone like Theo, who is like 'Hey, I want you, and I like you.' It was a wake-up call about my dating life and not chasing guys you can't fix. And chase a guy that actually likes you. Get you a Theo, not a Leroy!"

What do you think the future holds for Kam and Theo? Keep watching this pair every Wednesday on War of the Worlds at 9/8c!