YouTube/Parlor Mob/BMG

The Parlor Mob Let Loose The Dragon Energy In 'House Of Cards' Video

The New Jersey band take to a cavernous space in stark new clip

The Parlor Mob, a rock outfit from New Jersey that is the first artist signed to Britannia Row Recordings (a label imprint under BMG launched by Frank Ocean's frequent collaborator Malay), have unveiled a dynamic new video for "House Of Cards" that's all about the energy, instruments, and camera work. It premiered on MTV today (February 19), but you can catch the clip in full below.

"House Of Cards" came out last year and its fiery energy catapulted it directly into 2019. The accompanying visual, in order to live up to the wide-eyed frenzy of the tune, had to match it in intensity. The good news is that it not only does this but surpasses it.

The video takes place in an empty warehouse, where the exuded energy bounces off the walls like lasers. The five-person collective bounces and swings with an electric groove, the chemistry evident in the collective fierce grin etched across their faces. They aren't the only ones having a blast performing the hair-raising number; the camera operators are as well, doing their best to give viewers an indication of the thunderous atmosphere. We see a plethora of slo-mo shots, blinking camera cuts, and close-ups of the instruments rattling and shaking as they get pounded into oblivion. It's like watching a dragon's nostrils flare and spew out waves of blue flames.

If you need any kind of energy to get you through the day, consume this instead of Red Bull. The band is also prepping to go on tour in April.

Check out the video again up top for that necessary extra shot of adrenaline.