Wow, You's Joe Is Way Creepier When He Doesn't Speak

Talk about a death stare

Let's face it: Psychological thriller You's creepy Joe Goldberg (portrayed by Penn Badgley) is weird enough as it is. He doesn't need anyone's help to be an even more repulsive human being.

Apparently, Netflix didn't get the memo, as the network has cobbled together a totally disarming clip compiling some of Joe's bizarre mannerisms without his added snarky voiceover to complement them. The result is a collection of weirdly long pauses, terrifying silences, and some of the strangest interactions we've ever seen on a TV show. It turns out he's far creepier when he isn't speaking, which should terrify you.

Instead of hearing Joe bemoan the day's issues or Beck leaving a room, he simply stares into the abyss, silent. He and Beck share one word together for an entire evening: "falafel." There is moody silence after Peach (Shay Mitchell) speaks directly to him as his eyes dart around the room. He's watching. Waiting.

It's unsettling. There's no excuse for this kind of uncomfortable silent communication, Joe! And yet, we're totally here for this genius clip, seen below.

You is a long, strange trip. It follows the aforementioned Joe Goldberg, a young bookstore manager based in New York who falls in love with a customer named Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail). Except that's not the end of that story. He's also obsessed with her – to a deadly degree. Yeah, we're talking serial killer-level obsessed.

The series debuted on Lifetime but quickly made the jump to Netflix, as it made quite a splash when it reached the wider audience. Lifetime has confirmed that it's been renewed for a second season, but it will be moving over to Netflix completely as a Netflix Original. And now that the show's coming back, Joe's going to meet someone new.

So, yeah — there's certainly no sign of Joe's inherent, bone-chilling, dead-eyed stare going away any time soon. Nor is it leaving our nightmares anytime in the near future. Thanks for that, Netflix.