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Justin Bieber's 'Feud' With JoJo Siwa Is The Last Good Thing That'll Happen In 2018

"Burn it"

Justin Bieber and JoJo Siwa have quite a bit in common. They both launched their careers at young ages, propelled by some degree of viral fame. And they both boasted platinum-selling singles in their early-to-mid teens.

So it makes sense that the now 24-year-old Biebs would want to look out for the 15-year-old Siwa as she continues making waves as a performer — including offering (perhaps unsolicited) advice on auto design. Just before Christmas, as Jezebel points out, Siwa posted an Instagram photo of a garishly decorated BMW her parents gave her, causing Bieber to comment, "Burn it."

Now, that's kinda funny! And it was probably meant as a joke? Siwa's mom seems to have taken it that way anyway, replying to Bieber with a cry-laughing emoji and a simple "burn your own things."

Justin eventually made his way into peacemaking mode with a clarifying tweet. "I have nothing against you," he wrote, "it was the car and the colors."

JoJo, presumably riding the high of this interaction and definitely not riding in the driver's seat of the actual car (because she's not yet 16), accepted the apology with a caveat.

If Siwa gets her wish, her 16th birthday party won't have to rely on any more cardboard cutouts of Biebs — he'll be there himself. She turns 16 on May 19, 2019. Maybe Justin can bring her a nice new pair of slippers?