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Tessa Thompson Is A Badass And Chris Hemsworth Wants Tacos In First Men In Black Trailer

'Men in Black: International' brings the franchise to London

Tessa Thompson is definitely the star of the first Men in Black: International trailer — and Chris Hemsworth is there too!

The first footage of the newest installment of the beloved franchise popularized by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones shows Thompson's transformation into Agent M. After 20 years of searching, the new Agent M — a true badass — uncovered the "best-kept secret in the universe," tracked down the hidden headquarters, and successfully pled her case to don one of the storied black suits.

She is promptly plunked next to Agent H (Hemsworth), "one of the best ever to wear the suit" with an affinity for naps and Taco Tuesdays, and sent to London to save the universe to the mildly predictable soundtrack of Fergie's 2006 hit, "London Bridge."

The trailer promises action-packed alien fights, flashy space weapons, and multiple flying vehicles from our very own modern-day Hepburn and Tracy.

Check it out above. Men in Black: International hits theaters June 14, 2019.