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Cole Sprouse And Haley Lu Richardson Risk Death For Love In First Five Feet Apart Trailer

You might want to grab some tissues

The first trailer for Five Feet Apart is here, but before you watch it, be warned: This two-and-a-half minute clip may leave viewers with emotional whiplash.

Haley Lu Richardson and Cole Sprouse star in this teen rom-com about two cystic fibrosis patients living in a hospital as they undergo intense life-preserving treatments. It’s reminiscent of The Fault In Our Stars, but with much higher stakes. In this case, it's not just their illness that leaves them at risk; their actual relationship could be deadly.

Richardson stars as Stella, the cheery-against-all-odds girl who can laugh about death with her nurse, yet takes her treatment very seriously. Sprouse is broody Will, the type who “ignores the rules because it makes you feel in control.” They immediately connect on an emotional level, but there’s a catch: They can’t come within six feet of one another without risking infecting the other.

Rule-following Stella, keeping a slight distance, promptly takes on the role of regimenting Will’s treatment to keep him alive, and in the process, realizes that she hasn’t really been living herself. The trailer shows flashes of Stella at two extremes — happily enjoying life outside of the hospital in one moment and an intense health scare in the next. At one point Stella, aching for human touch, resolves to steal back one foot from the disease that has stolen to much from her and dares to come within five feet of Will, hence the film’s name.

Jane the Virgin’s Justin Baldoni makes his directorial debut with the film, set to hit theaters in March 2019.