CT's Challenge Pals Just Met His Bride (And It Didn't Exactly Go Well)

As the groom himself said, 'My worlds are colliding!'

CT proudly revealed during Invasion of the Champions that he was a proud father to a son named CJ. Besides this milestone, the MTV legend has kept his personal life separate from his Challenge adventures. However, all bets are off when it comes to CT and Lili's big day -- and it remains to be seen how everyone will gel.

During this week's installment of CT's Getting Married, CT buttoned up last-minute details, and there was a glimpse of the imminent reckoning -- aka Cara Maria, Derrick, Leroy, Shane, Tony, Tony's fiancée Alyssa and Wes.

"My worlds are colliding!" CT declared as footage rolled of the players enthusiastically entering the game affair, while Lili was blunt and asked, "Who the hell are these people?"

But will she form alliances relationships with the tight-knit crew?

"This is not a Challenge house, guys -- like, people are sleeping," she tells the group, most likely after some partying.

The glimpses of Lili's interactions with her beau's long-time pals was brief, so will she be able to adjust to their ways and make a connection? Or will these two worlds remain truly separate? Sound off in the comments, and do not miss CT and Lili say "I do" this Tuesday at 9/8c.