Liam Payne Chases After A 'Savage' Heartbreaker In 'First Time' Video

He and French Montana are under a love spell

Hard as it may be to imagine someone friend-zoning Liam Payne, that's exactly what happens in the singer's new video for "First Time," his club-pop collab with French Montana.

In the NYC-set vid, which arrived Thursday (September 20), Payne pines after a blonde heartbreaker while wandering the city and its lonely subway stations. Doing his best impression of Drake's moody half-rapped verses, he sings, "You brush me off, yeah, you know I hate it / You playing tough now, don't try to fake it / Girl, you a savage, you ain't no lady." Montana swings through later to pick up Payne in his whip and double down on the "savage like Rihanna" descriptions.

After all that after-hours brooding, though, it looks like Payne may finally catch up with his "savage" crush in the end. Because how could anyone resist a reliable guy who always picks up on the first time?!

"First Time" is the title track from Payne's debut solo EP, released in August. Meanwhile, he continues to torture One Direction fans by reminding them of the group's torturous hiatus. Sigh.