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Crazy Rich Asians's Ken Jeong Says A Sequel Would Be 'Next Level'

The 'Asian Avengers' are here to change cinema

Crazy Rich Asians has taken the country by storm, exceeding early estimates by racking up over $35 million over its five-day opening weekend, prompting loud rounds of applause around the country — but no one is basking in the glory more than the monumental film's cast and crew.

MTV News caught up with Ken Jeong, who plays Wye Mun in the movie, at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards, where the actor called the whole experience "beyond surreal" before offering a heartfelt thanks to the fans for making the first major studio film with an all Asian-American cast in 25 years number one in the weekend box office. "It is one of those things where I'm happier for everybody else than I am for myself," he said. "I am so grateful for the fans and so happy for the hardworking cast and crew that worked on the film."

In fact, being a part of the movie was so groundbreaking for Jeong that he deemed it the "Asian Avengers," noting, "Basically I'm Thor with bad posture." And just like Marvel's Avengers, the story will only get better from here.

While talking about his hopes for the film's impact, he admitted that all the buzz about a follow-up is enticing. The book upon which the movie is based is the first in a series of three — China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems both follow — so the story is already there.

"It just takes it to a next level," Jeong promised of the book's sequel, which takes place in three locations. "I hope they make [the movie] because the story is frickin' amazing."

Check out the video above for more intel on Crazy Rich Asians from Ken Jeong.