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Amandla Stenberg Breaks Down The Importance Of King Princess's 'Talia' Video

And it all centers around that sex doll

Since debuting earlier this year with her Harry Styles-approved ode to complicated (and at one time, forbidden) love, "1950," King Princess has kept the music coming. In June, she released the Make My Bed EP, featuring the heartbreaker "Talia," and matched the song's emotional depths with a video starring herself and a sex doll.

But it's the way she uses the doll in the clip that's notable — and it's not the way a sex doll is typically used. That's what makes it a favorite of King Princess collaborator Amandla Stenberg, who worked on the video as editor and colorist.

On the 2018 VMA red carpet Monday night (August 20), Stenberg broke down what makes the video so special.

"I think the concept is really cool, just being able to see a gay relationship portrayed in a music video," Stenberg told MTV News, "but specifically through the kind of ironic, self-aware idea of a sex doll, something that's generally discarded and abused by men."

"But you get to see a gay girl treating it with love and respect," she continued. "I think that's really funny and cool."

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Stenberg stars in the upcoming film adaptation of The Hate U Give, a YA novel that tackles police brutality and racial profiling. She walked the VMAs red carpet with King Princess by her side.

For King Princess's fans, songs like "Talia" and "1950" reveal hidden pockets of hope among the frustration and fear of being a young queer person in the world today.

"Now all these people are responding to it, and I get these amazing messages from kids who were very similar to me a few years ago," King Princess told MTV News earlier this year. "And they're talking about how they're heartbroken and sad, and ["1950"] is a beacon of hope."

Watch MTV News's interview with King Princess below.