Is Shane's Fondness For Drama Going To Cost Him On Final Reckoning?

The ‘Road Rules’ alum stirred up the pot like it’s his job

Road Rules: Campus Crawl export Shane might one day be eligible for an honorary degree in pot-stirring, but is his manipulative gameplay going to eventually come back and bite him and his partner Nelson in the ass[es]?

On the latest episode of Final Reckoning, the 16-year Challenge veteran continued to push buttons — a little bit, he said, to try to knock his fellow competitors off balance. And, to some extent, he just liked to watch people squirm.

At one point, Shane decided to set his sights on Kyle and Faith. Rumors that the two had hooked up began to spread around the house like wildfire, and when Shane confronted Faith about the gossip — in front of Kyle’s ex, Cara Maria — things got pretty uncomfortable.

Later, Shane tried to bend Zach’s ear about the coming vote. Zach and Amanda, who’d won the most recent mission “Off the Rails,” intended to cast their Power Votes on Jozea and Da’Vonne, but Shane insisted that Faith and Angela were the better choice, and claimed that the house agreed.

“Shane uses rumors and information as currency in this house,” Zach said. “Even though Amanda is close with Shane, I don’t trust Shane at all.”

And after the nominations, when Shane heard that Da’Vonne and Jozea hadn’t stuck to his plan to vote for Faith and Angela, he went off.

“In addition to burning your alliance, you just showed everyone why you need to go,” he said before directing his tirade at Da’Vonne.

“You’re insane and a bitch if you think that I did that for me,” Shane said before incurring some serious Big Brother wrath. “Was that shady of me to call you a bitch?”

“I know you think you’re Gepetto and I’m Pinocchio, but you cannot make me move,” Da’Vonne said. “I won’t do it…I tell you what, I’ll be a bigger bitch than you ever could be.”

And Johnny Bananas, who watched from the sidelines, couldn’t help but predict that Shane had begun digging his own grave.

“Shane, self-proclaimed feminist, is in here calling a girl a bitch over and over and over again,” he said.

Still, Shane wasn’t backing down.

“I’m a mean queen, and if you f*cking turn on me, I’m coming right back at you,” he said.

What do you think — is Shane’s penchant for drama going to destroy his game? Or, is his social strategy well-conceived, and is his plan to manipulate a solid one? Share your thoughts, and see how Shane and Nelson continue Tuesday at 9/8c.