Spring Break Goes Horribly (And Painfully) Wrong For 5 Teens In The Package

A trailer guaranteed to make you wince 🍆🔪😱

In most teen flicks, spring break is synonymous with raucous beach parties, sex, and James Franco singing Britney Spears's seminal ballad "Everytime" at sunset (just me?).

But in Netflix's The Package, spring break takes a horribly painful — but no less hilarious — turn for a group of teens when their friend seemingly cuts off his penis during a rowdy camping trip. Now they're in a race against time to save their friend's, uh, package before it's too late. And of course mayhem ensues.

Honestly, this is why sexual health education and knife safety are so important.

Starring Blockers breakout Geraldine Viswanathan and Alex Strangelove's Daniel Doheny, The Package is from those dudes who gave us Workaholics and Tropic Thunder, so you probably know what kind of gross-out humor to expect. But here's the real question: Will we see the D? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

The Package hits Netflix on August 10.