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These Challenge Competitors Are Gearing Up For Father's Day

As the holiday approaches, we're taking a look at the contestants and their possible future MTV players

Grueling games and politics aside, The Challenge competitors are a true family. And a bunch of the MTV men who have been featured on the long-running series are raising a future generation of possible players.

In honor of Father's Day this upcoming weekend, we're looking at all of the dads who are proud to call some little guys and gals their own. Take a look at the parents below, catch the Champs vs. Stars finale this Tuesday at 10/9c and do not miss the premiere of Final Reckoning on Tuesday, July 10 at 9/8c!

  • Tony

    The Champs vs. Stars finalist happily holds his "blue-eyed blessings" Harper and Isla.

  • Cory

    The two-time finalist shares a daughter Ryder with fellow Rivals 3 contestant Cheyenne.

  • CT

    Shortly after the legend took the gold medal in Invasion of the Champions, he gushed that he was happy to be able to provide for his son Christopher and that he couldn't "wait to see that kid.”

  • Brad

    Can you say mini free Brads?

  • Darrell

    Matching grins in the Taylor gang.

  • The Miz

    It's a guarantee Monroe will get some competitive skills from her WWE parents.

  • Derrick

    "Lil dude" looks just like the elimination round beast.

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